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Waste to Energy

REM Capital Management provide Waste to Energy (W2E) solutions and majority funding on a long-term tenure.

Our provisions for Waste to Energy; our structured finance funding and our pro-active approach to collaborative business is designed to resolve key energy challenges whether they are localised, national or global.

Ideally located near industry, the minimal-emission, modular Pyro-Thermic reactor units can be plugged into local grid or provide dedicated industrial mega-watt electricity and thermal heat for business.

Technical Data


Pyro Thermic Reactor

Waste Types

Municipal, Commercial, Hazardous, Asbestos, High Calorific, Agricultural, Landfill, Toxic slurry

Molten Bed






Waste per Annum

40,000 tonnes

Emissions standards

EU and International

Heat Lining

Ceramic (Anthonite)

Residual Waste

3%-5% (Inert, Sterile)

Continuous operation

8,000 hours pa

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