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As a Private Equity, Investment and Commodity firm, REM Capital Management provide an expansive and dynamic range of products and services that are designed to deliver leading-edge, performance-driven solutions for our clients.

We spend time actively listening to our clients: to understand their capital, investment, structuring and business needs. This gives us enviable insight, and allows us to build solutions that are innovative, unique and market-leading.

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REM Capital Management Overview

Our partnership brings together heavyweights of industry, leading experts in private equity, hedge funds, fund management, commodity, emerging markets and banking. Read more…

Institutional, High Net Worth Investors, Corporates, Advisers, Governments.

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Structured Finance: Private Equity Funding

Highly specialised and unique funding service for business leaders seeking to unlock investment value for selected projects that require capital. Read more…

Business owners, Advisers, Corporates, Institutional.



Our principal trading vehicle, OEC International, sources supply of energy products for refineries and energy trading firms utilising a buy and resell methodology.  Read more…

Refineries, energy trading firms (principals only).

Waste to Energy (W2E)

Waste to Energy, specifically Pyrothermic Reactor Technology (W2E PTR), is designed to maximise energy output from multiple waste types including landfill and hazardous. The units comprise 5MWe / 8MWth with very low emissions to meet international and European standards. Read more…

Business owners, Governments, Local Authorities, Corporates, Manufacturers, Industry.


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Quantitative Investment Strategies

Our externally-sourced quantitative strategies provide investors with access to the highly liquid global foreign exchange markets through automated investment strategies. The strategies are strictly risk-limited to mitigate downside while allowing significant upside through highly-efficient automated trade management. Strategies are available via the CFXT Fund or directly exposed to the trading via managed account trade resplication. Contact us to learn more…

High Net Worth Investors.


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Fund Structuring

Fund structuring is useful for clients looking to enclose parts of their business into investable compartments that are then able to attract outside investment and allow the overall business to grow without having to rely on organic growth. Contact us to learn more…




The CFXT Fund is a regulated Protected Cell Structure domiciled in Mauritius and seeks capital appreciation with preservation of capital through exposure to physical commodity trades [C], foreign exchange strategies [FX] and trading opportunities [T]. Read more…

High Net Worth Investors, Business Owners, Corporates.