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The Team

The highly talented and connected individuals listed here represent the core board, senior management team and executive operational activity of the REM group of companies. The group is an innovative platform and maintains a network of resources, advisors, affiliated companies, joint ventures, subsidiaries and strategic partners which include chambers of commerce, dignitaries, members of several royal families, peers and distributors around the world.

Mr Gavin M Scott - Chief Executive Officer

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Gavin has worked in the City of London for more than twenty years in senior management positions within asset management and financial services sectors.

His experience encompasses large UK FTSE-listed institutions including Henderson plc – an independent, UK listed FTSE 250 company and Aviva Investors – one of the world's largest financial services firms and a subsidiary of Aviva plc.

He has built and managed analytic, strategic, intelligence, capital raising and business management teams throughout his career.

He founded REM Capital Management, is fund manager threshold competent through the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and is a member of Mensa. Gavin serves on a number of boards worldwide including US-listed Britannia Mining Inc.

Mr Raja Patel: Managing Director - Commodity and Trade Finance

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Prior to a successful career in Financial Services, Raj was a professional football player in the US. Premature retirement through injury allowed him to join Mutual of New York as an Associate in 1992 helping to drive the company forward in its development of SME lending in the US.

His ability to develop lasting strategic corporate relationships led him to transition to the UK in 2000, recruited by a major financial firm owned by Scottish & Energy PLC and IBM.

He was subsequently recruited into The Cavanagh Group and continued to develop expertise in Commercial Finance prior to founding Mayfair Commercial in 2011.

Raj brings specialism in Commercial Finance, Structured Finance, Commodity and Real Estate sectors.

Mr Leo Malim: Non Executive Director

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Leo Malim is a technology and finance entrepreneur based in London.

Leo is a founding partner of the Alchiba Group of companies and also a board member of the New York listed company, Britannia Mining.

His extensive experience encompasses managing high profile businesses in Africa and the Middle East engaging at the most senior levels of the establishment.

He is a keen petrol-head, taking an interest in all types of engines and vehicles whether they float, roll or fly: Leo has both rotary and fixed wing licenses.   

Mr Scott Johnston: Structured Finance and Corporate Finance

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Scott is a career banking professional who specialises in corporate finance.

As an experienced corporate financier he has spent over 25 years in the corporate finance market, structuring transactions for blue chip and FTSE 100 clients. He has worked on IPO, public to private transactions and numerous joint ventures.

Scott has worked for a number of large banks and accountancy firms including Bank of Scotland, Alliance & Leicester/Santander and Grant Thornton. He is an experienced professional having assisted in many distressed situations, high profile corporate restructures and sourcing finance to provide innovative solutions.

Scott brings expertise in the fields of institutional banking, corporate finance, structured finance, strategic advisory and planning.

Mr Dom South: Collateral Transfer Market, Commodity and Leveraged Trading

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Dom South brings expertise in the Collateral Transfer and Commodity markets for clients looking at leveraged funding, commodity trading and project funding.

Dom’s background is entrepreneurial and, historically, he’s invested across many sectors including real estate, retail and service-based private family businesses which has included dealing with ultra high net worth A-list celebrity individuals.

Dom utilises a quirky, compelling and down to earth approach to concluding transactions with our clients.

Mr Nicholas Moy (1938-2013)

We regret that 2013 saw the loss of our friend, backer, shareholder and advisor Nicholas Moy.

Nicholas was a founder of the modern private equity industry in Europe and one of the UK’s most respected experts on the Middle East. He served with the British Foreign Service in the Middle East before co-founding and building Granville, the leading mid-market investment bank that was sold in 1998.

He co-founded Gryphon Investment Bank. He held a master’s degree in oriental languages (Arabic and Persian) and in law (including Shariah Law) from St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge and an MBA (international finance major) from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Partners, Advisors, Joint Ventures and Affiliates

We utilise the extensive legal services of one of the world’s largest law firms whose offices span the globe, namely Gowlings WLG.

We work with advisors who are recognised specialists in their field and partners that provide us with intellectual capital, innovative products and expertly-designed structures.

We work with affiliates who connect us with major sources of capital, with commodity supply, with business leaders and with key figures of industry.

Members of several royal families kindly help us in forging key strategic relations at the highest levels where our innovative structures and advisory services can add value at a national level.

Dignitaries who are tasked with improving their national commercial agenda frequently utilise our team, our platform and our network to further their national commercial interests through finance, commodity, energy and advisory services.